Friday Pot ‘o Inspiration 4/12/13

487321_10150920670488426_833983587_nWhoa…April? How’d that happen?? During the spring, I often ask my clients to take some time away from the daily grind of being a business owner/leader and do a bit of reflection and planning. It is a great time to evaluate where you’ve come from the start of the year.

-Have you accomplished the goals you lined up for yourself in January? Are you on track to be where you want to be at the 6 month point of the year?

-If not, how can you adjust? Have you not been prioritizing your growth or development goals properly? Have you let yourself get sucked up into the trap of daily ‘emergencies’ and therefore lost focus on long term planning, growth and progress.

Success is a constant balancing act. It is necessary to occasionally give yourself a time out and check in to make sure you aren’t swinging too far out of balance.

And now for this week’s articles:

1) This TED study is really interesting and all rings true for my own experience, both personally and in managing others. It should be used as a good check list whenever you are leading a group of people, whether they be employees, volunteers or colleagues. I think it is also useful for self-reflection. No doubt we all get to that point at times in our careers where we feel un-motivated and a bit stuck. Reviewing the motivation factors outlined here, and which ones might be missing or can be focused on in our professional lives can be a powerful way to kick start you out of your uninspired professional rut.

p.s. I’m a TED geek! So be prepared to see a lot of references to TED talks and articles here. If you haven’t explored TED, please stop what you are doing right now and go dive into their endless sea of knowledge, inspiration and down right awesome people, talking about amazing things, that will make you believe in the power of any human to be a superhero!!!

2) Like all of us, life has often kicked me around quite a bit. But at the risk of sounding like I’m quoting Kelly Clarkson, I’m a firm believe that what doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger. That’s why I adore this article from Marc and Angel Hack Life, “6 Reasons You Aren’t Dead Yet”.

3) I’m often very critical of women leaders, but no matter what your political leanings there is no doubt that Margaret Thatcher was not only both an amazing woman and leader, but also an amazing woman leader. I’m a total quote dork-a-saurous, so I loved this article in TownHall outlining 25 of her greatest quotes.

Wishing a great weekend to all. I’m off to Jacksonville to attend a fundraising event for Pit Sisters, an amazing non-profit I support and consult with. Check them out and if you are in Jax, come support this fantastic rescue and say hi!